TOUTOU COCO is a black company ...? !

Good evening everyone🌙
With a sudden harsh title
You may have been surprised ...
Actually, this week, new products
The photo session was held!📸
So today is the state of the photo session
We will deliver the story behind the staff.
Show the new product to be released ...?💗
Please check!

Now, go to the photo session!

This time, I am always indebted
Participated by model dogs
In a wide and stylish studio & cafe
I took a picture🐶
Model dog dogs
Everyone is very clever! !
Thanks to that, the shooting went smoothly, so
On a schedule earlier than planned
I was able to do it safely!💮

Black company that came to work early in the morning ...?

The photo session was held in Tokyo,
TOUTOU COCO is a company in Osaka
The staff is at 6 am on the first Shinkansen
I headed to the site ...😪
Black ... Company ...
That's not the case! !
I can say it myself,
It is a company that is usually very easy to work.
It's really ridiculously easy to work lol
It was early in the morning, but it's very nice
It was really nice to have a photo session!
I want to make a better product,
The feeling of that has become larger☺️
You can also have delicious rice in Tokyo
It was a great satisfaction…💗

New products, zokuzoku appear!

We will continue to announce new products one after another
There is, so be sure to check it out
Let's see you next time!
See you~👏🏻

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