Actually, it may be lost ...!


Good evening everyone🌙

It is sudden…
TOUTOU COCO products are certainly messed up
It's cute (transcendental self -portrait praise✨)、
To be honest, it's a bit expensive ...
Everyone who has registered the official LINE
As you may know,
Currently on Toutou Coco, on the official Instagram
We deliver live once a week.
In fact, just after this Instagram distribution
Chance to buy products first
What is it! !
In today's blog
・ Overview of Instagram
・ Two points that are limited to viewers only
I will introduce🐶
I want to check the Instagram
There is no doubt!

What is TOUTOU COCO Live?

Once a week, it is mainly distributed around 20:00
Official InstagramLive distribution!
I want to increase the shared experience with everyone
From thought, product introduction, Q & A corner, etc.
We are sending various projects!

Oku ①: New products ahead!

In the distribution, detailed information about new products
Actually, the model dog Latte and the staff
You can see and see how you wear it!
In addition, reservations for the first several people only for distribution
We also provide news, so
There is no way not to check! !

Oku ②: Limited coupon distribution ◎

In addition, those who have seen the distribution to the end
We distribute limited coupons!
This is both the receipt deadline and the expiration date
As it is short, see the distribution
You can use it immediately after you have it
It is🙆🏻‍♀️

Please come and visit us!

I would like to distribute more projects in the future
I'm thinking, so let's excite you together
I hope you can get it😊
In addition, there will be live distribution this week
Please check it out!
Let's see you next time!
See you~👋🏻


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