The back side of the project is open to the public!

Good evening everyone🌙
Do you know what this mark is?
I've seen it somewhere ...
Yes, it is a Toutou Coco logo!
In today's blog
Talk about the production process of the brand logo
I would like to do it.
Also, a new work with this mark
Show the clothes in the second half of the clothes
I'll do it ...♡
Please check!

Logo mark production decision!


Toutou coco is a character logo until a while ago
It was just, but if
I want a mark as a brand,
So, the original logo
I decided to make it.
First of all, the worldview that TOUTOU COCO aims for
Inchem on the direction of the brand ◎
Visualize like this and make an image
I will inflate it.
From there, related to "Toutou Coco"
Three temporary logo made with the letters
Create and decide safely for one of them!
The size, angle, thickness of each partial part
Adjust etc. and finally the page top
The logo is completed☆
At first glance, it looks like a "person" in kanji on the dog's nose
This cute logo is Toutou Coco
The motif is "T", the acronym.
"Experience with your dog
Dogs and people together to embody "Share"
It represents how you are having fun.

Goods with logo, thrilling!


I made a cute logo, so
I want to price a product with a logo!
So the first one is a logo T -shirt
just made it!
This is scheduled to be released this summer! !
With a size development that can be worn regardless of gender
Have fun with the doggy
It is a product that you can enjoy.
Please look forward to the launch♪

We are looking for opinions on LINE!


We plan to plan a logo product in the future!
I want these goods!
I want to do this pair look! etc
By all means on the official LINE
Please let us know🐶
Let's see you next time!
See you~👋🏻

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