Toutouchoco aims
Efforts for the future

We aim for a brand that lasts 100 years ahead
We operate every day.
For the future we aim for
Enjoy accepting changes in the earth and society,
Seriously think and act to enrich the coexistence between people and dogs.
To help it even a little in the pet industry that can still be done
We are taking the following initiatives.


Sustainable bytc

The major issue in the apparel industry is the disposal of clothes. This is the same issue in the pet industry. In particular, dog clothes are more likely to be dirty or damaged than people, so they tend to be discarded faster than human clothing. Therefore, we are working on "Sustainable by TC", which reuses dog clothes.

Flow of sustainable bytc

  • Send TOUTOU COCO clothes that are no longer worn due to dirt or damage of your dog
    * Some clothes cannot be donated depending on the condition of the clothes.
  • We repair and clean clothes and donate to protection organizations and protection organizations
    In fact, dog clothes have many benefits.
    Protecting dogs that are vulnerable to cold and heat, preventing scratches after surgery or skin disease, dirt and hair loss, etc. The clothes sent by the customer will be cleaned and repaired by our company, and will be delivered to the doggy who needs clothes.
  • Issuable coupons that can be used in TOUTOU COCO to customers
    Thank you to customers who cooperated with donations
    We will receive a 5-20%OFF coupon.

I would be grateful if you could give it to dogs from all over the country who need clothes instead of throwing them away.


Donation to animal protection and protection organizations

TOUOU COCO products, which have a small expiration date, such as dog food, supplements and shampoos, depending on the production and situation of the year, are donated to animal protection organizations and animal protection groups every year. I shall go. We have already taught many donations from our customers and are conducting donations. If you need a donation or if Toutou Coco is useful, please feel free to contact us.


Abolition of paper tag system for web products (original products)

Our representatives are wondering if they need a paper tag when making thousands to tens of thousands of clothes a year, and Toutou Coco has abolished the paper tags for web sales. We hope that we will be able to reduce losses, including materials, for a sustainable global environment.

While enjoying shopping
A circulation that enriches the coexistence between the earth and society, people and dogs.
By all means with TOUTOUCOCO
Why don't you create a better life between people and dogs?