Terms of service

Range of these Terms

These Terms apply to all services and information provided by Toutouchoco (hereinafter referred to as "this site") operated by PISTEC Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Company"). It is stipulated that members who define this service (hereinafter referred to as "members") will be used.


Members are those who live in Japan who have completed the registration procedure of the specified registration after approving these Terms. In addition, even if you have registered as a registered procedure, you may not be able to join if you judge that you are inappropriate as a member.

Handling of personal information

Personal information is handled based on our "Privacy Policy". For more information, see "Privacy Policy".

Management of member information

  1. The member of the member registration shall file a correct declaration for all items required for registration. We shall not be liable for any inconvenience due to incorrect content.
  2. All members shall be responsible for the e -mail address (membership ID) registered on this site (membership ID), password management and use, and we shall not be liable for any responsibility.
  3. We prohibit any actions such as e -mail address (membership ID), password transfer, buying and selling, lending, etc. to third parties.
  4. If the member's registration information changes, please change it promptly based on the prescribed procedure. We shall not be liable for any disadvantages for customers due to no change or delay.

Prohibition of members

The following items are prohibited or the fears of the following are prohibited.

  1. Acts that violate laws and regulations
  2. Acts contrary to public order and morals
  3. Election movements and other political acts, or acts that violate laws and regulations such as the Public Office Election Law
  4. Acts such as religious solicitation, etc.
  5. Acts to use email address (membership ID) or password illegally, or use to third parties
  6. An act that gives disadvantages to other members or third parties (infringement of intellectual ownership, slander, slander, etc.)
  7. Acts that interfere with the operation of this site
  8. In addition, the act of judging that the Company is inappropriate

Member consent

  1. Use of member information, etc.
    Information, opinions, requests, questionnaires, etc. provided by members will be used free of charge to provide better services.
  2. Stop membership or eliminate qualifications
    If the member violates these Terms or the Company determined that it is inappropriate, the Company may suspend or delete membership registration without prior notice or consent to the member. I will do it.
  3. Service interruption, stop
    The Company shall be able to suspend or suspend all of the services without prior notice or consent to members, such as when applicable to the following:
    1. When the system or network trouble, maintenance, etc. of this site are unavoidable
    2. When it becomes difficult to provide services due to force majeure such as fire, power outage, natural disaster, etc.
    3. When it becomes difficult to provide services due to other unexpected reasons
  4. In the unlikely event that the members are disadvantaged or damaged by the above situation, we shall not be liable. Use of minors

If a minor customer orders a product, the parent's consent and the order shall be ordered. The product you ordered shall have the consent of your parents.

Change of rules

The Company shall be able to change these agreements without prior notice or consent to members. The member agrees to the changed terms by using the Services, etc. after the terms are changed.
The Company shall not be liable for any disadvantages or damage to members due to changes in the terms.


In the event of a dispute regarding the use of the service of this site and these agreements, the Osaka District Court shall be the exclusive jurisdiction court.

Governing law

The Japanese law shall apply to the establishment, performance, and interpretation of these Terms.