Three ways to find clothes that look good on your dog! "(1) Judgment from the body type" ... What are the other two?

Good evening🌙
TOUTOU COCO handles various clothes
There is, but among them it suits my dog
I want to choose clothes.
This time, look for clothes that look good on your dog
I would like to tell you how!
So that you can choose more clothes that look better
There is also a notice at the end, so check it out
Please do it!

① Judgment from the body type

The standard that can be judged in an easy -to -understand manner is the figure.
is. In addition, the length of the foot is also in choosing the sleeve length
It is important.
Even in the same dog breed, the length and chest circumference depending on the body type
There is a considerable difference, so the size measurement before purchasing
Please do it firmly!

② Determine from the color of the hair and the color of the hair

For example, Pomeranian -chan, who is characterized by fluffy
Even if you don't have that weight, you have the amount of hair, so
Even if it is better to buy something on one size
There is ◎
Also, in terms of hair color
・ Brown/beige ⇨ blue clothes
・ Black ⇨ White clothes
・ White ⇨ Black, clothes with color variations
There are
One -color coordination with clothes of the same color
It is also recommended to have a net ◎

③ Determine by clothes specifications

This criterion is not surprisingly known.
Depending on the doggy, even if it is easy to wear with the front opening
If you don't like the button, or on the contrary, your clothes
Some children are not good.
I have to try it once, but the doggy
Considering her personality and ease of movement, etc.
Please choose the most comfortable one.

We are accepting consultations on LINE!

How was it?
When purchasing, judge from various perspectives in this way
We hope you choose the best one.
So, on the official line with a little effort
We are accepting consultations on clothes!
You may have a little time to reply,
Does this clothes look good? Which size is better? Such
Please send us any trouble ◎
We hope you can make the best proposal!
Let's see you next time!
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