How do you use it?

Good evening everyone🌙

Today's first Toutou Coco
We will introduce new products🐶🐾

It was unlikely
The share of "eating rice with the same feeling".
Because doggy is also a member of the family
Would you like to eat rice with a matching bowl?

This time, the first original goods of this brand,
About "Toutou Coco Bowl" The background and product information that led to the production,
About recommended usage
Let me talk.

I want matching goods!

In the opinions received by customers Here is the next most common apparel -related. In "experience and share with your dog" Of the clothes, food, and housing, Toutou Coco is still "Food" area that was not started I want to make a more exciting product With that in mind I made a matching bowl and bowl!

"I'll have it" together

Familiar with the dining table based on navy
It features a simple design.

It is exhibited as a bowl,
Not only the staple food, but also soups and main
It can be used in various cooking scenes!

The bowl for doggy is an appropriate depth
Easy to eat dogs with a sense of stability on the bottom
Finished in shape ◎

Reward to doggy ...♡

The recommended usage that the staff thinks is
"Add milk for doggy"
something like!

Because of the stability, it is perfect for using liquids.👌
Of course, it is the best product for everyday use,
A white milk that shines the color of the navy
How to put it in this bowl
What do you think☺️

We look forward to your "shared"!

This time, new goods Toutou Coco Bowl I introduced me. I want these goods! or, How how about this? etc If you can hear the voice from everyone I'm very happy☺️ Let's see you next time! See you~👋🏻

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