What is your special experience?


Good evening everyone🌙

This time, about TOUTOU COCO official LINE
I want to talk!


I am always grateful for your help.

Thanks to you, TOUTOU COCO official LINE
Register many customers,
Update this blog and information on new products,
Instagram announcement, etc.
We send various things every day.


Customers, in addition to product inquiries,
I want such a product! Such a voice
I actually wore the purchased product
You can also send me a photo💗😳


I feel that everyone is excited about the brand together
Staff, ... I'm happy😭

(The person inside. Lol)



I want you to "share" your "experience" ...!


So, this time, I would like to ask.

It was good to actually go to this so far! or,
Recommended spots that I want to go in the future
Please let me know! ! !🙏


Recently with your dog, such as cafes and accommodation facilities
There are places and opportunities where you can have various experiences
It's getting more and more ...!
The staff is also investigating every day,
Surprisingly unknown secret spots
Is there a way of prospering such a photo?!
I still have a lot of information I don't know ...
I feel that


By the way, it is a model dog of Toutou Coco
Latte's recommended spot is
Restaurant in Sakai City, Osaka
Farmers Originis!
I was able to eat rice together indoors
Latte -chan seems to be very happy💗
The head office of Toutou Coco is in Osaka,
The location does not matter in various parts of the country or domestic and overseas!
Take a little time to reply
I will get it,
I would be glad if you could talk by all means 🥺
Please send it to the official LINE!
Let's see you next time!


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