I want you to know more about TOUTOU COCO ...

Good evening!✨
Thank you for watching this time as well😊

From today, I would like to distribute Toutou Coco more familiarity, such as announcements about TOUTOU COCO products, the state of the daily production team, and staff episodes!

Greetings have been delayed ...

My name is Komada, Toutou Coco staff🐶

It's a bitide, but ...
I have a large dog (sister) at my parents' house♪

I turned 17 this year
The other day, it was awarded for longevity (laughs)

* Suddenly, I'm sorry for the personal dog episode (laughs)

Such Audrey (my dog's name) is
I like snacks released today!

By the way, her favorite is like tuna.
Japanese people ~😏

Dogs vs. cat school arguments that occur between members ...

In addition, the staff who work together only like animals, and most of the members have dogs and cats at home.

Each of them is strong, so they often become controversial for dogs vs. cats ...🐾⚡️

However, there are many opportunities to work with model dog dogs, so the shooting site is always "cute ~ ~💗😭Is a storm. smile

* It is behind the shooting (laughs)

The 2022SS collection will be announced sequentially from this month!

Furthermore, as a 2022SS collection from this month
We plan to announce various new products sequentially!

All the staff planned and produced while being excited for the release.😳

Both the official Instagram and this blog
We plan to announce new products at any time, so
Please check it out by all means😊✨

Let's see you next time! See you~👋🏻

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