[Must -see dog lover! ] What is the role of a dog mustache? Reasons why you shouldn't cut

"Beard is important for cats"

    Many people know that.

    So what about doggy?

    Some people will cut them to prepare when they go to trimming.

    However, there are actually dogs that you should not cut.

    This time, I will introduce such a doggy beard.

    1. Beard mechanism
    2. Three important roles
    3. Precautions when cutting

    Let's understand what mustaches mean for doggy.

    Mechanism of dog mustache

    The mustache is a thick and hard body hair called "tentache" and has a structure that floats in a blood bag.

    There is a nerves at the root

    The nerve is concentrated on the beard.

    You can catch the stimulus and transmit it to the brain.

    Connected to muscles

    Beards are also connected to muscles.

    Doggy can move his mustache freely.

    Doggy is not very visual.

    For this reason, you can move the mustache like groping and judge whether there is something dangerous.

    Something like a fingerprint

    There are individual differences in how the beard grows.

    Therefore, it is like a fingerprint in a person.

    Reverse regularly

    It grows about twice a year.

    You don't feel pain because it falls off naturally.

    However, if you fall off at once, you may be sick.

    Let's go to a veterinary clinic.

    Three important roles of dog beards

    It has the role of a sensor

    As I mentioned earlier, nerves are concentrated at the base of the beard.

    Therefore, it can be detected even with very sensitive and trivial stimuli.

    First, move the beard to check the feel.

    Doggy has a bad eyesight, so the feeling of the beard is made as a material.

    Expressing emotions

    • Positive when you are excited and nervous
    • If you are relaxed, head down

    I am trying to convey my emotions by moving the beard.

    What do your dog think?

    You can judge by looking at the beard.

    What kind of emotions are your dog now?

    Let's check.

    Keep a sense of equilibrium

    The beard keeps a sense of balance.

    Therefore, if you cut it, you may hit an obstacle.

    Is it okay to cut the dog's mustache?

    "If you have a long beard, it's not cute ..."

    Many owners will want to cut their beards to adjust their appearance.

    Doggy has the ability to adapt and can cover her functions with her vision and smell.

    Therefore, you will be able to live as usual without a beard.

    There is no problem even if you cut it.

    It is not good to pull out or cut from the root when cutting.

    Shaving is out of the question.

    You've probably seen a dog -chan who dislikes it when trying to touch the mouth.

    The mouth is a very sensitive part for doggy.

    Be careful not to damage the skin and nerves of the sensitive part.

    However, as mentioned above, the beard also has a role, so it is not necessary to choose to cut the mustache in the dark.

    Senior dogs do not cut

    He told me that even if the beard was cut, it could be covered with other functions.

    However, senior dogs have a weaker visual and smell.

    You may not be able to cover the beard function.

    Therefore, if you cut the beard,

    • Hit the thing
    • Stumping on a step

    It may be dangerous.

    In the case of a senior dog, it is not cut, it is short, or it is thin ...

    It's hard to catch information.

    Let's leave it as it is without cutting.


    How was that.

    For doggy, beard is an important part of a sensory organs.

    Remember that she needs to leave it as it is, depending on her dog's condition.

    She should be able to understand the dog firmly and make an appropriate judgment.

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