What is the world where dogs are watching? Is it true that the visual is bad?

People have a variety of information with the five senses of visual, taste, hearing, olfactory, and tactile sensation.

It's the same for dogs.

But do you know that people and dogs don't look the same?

If you say, "Love the doggy from now on!"

The doggy's vision is not so good.

That's why other parts such as smell are better than people.

This time, I will introduce the vision of such a doggy.

Let's take a look at what kind of world your dog is looking at.

Five features of dog visuals

I don't have a good eyesight

"Isn't your eyesight good because you originally hunted?"

Isn't there a surprising person?

Doggy's eyesight is "0.2~0.3"There is only a degree.

The clear range is ""2-3m"degree.

Doggy has a very low ability to focus.

For this reason, most of them are vague for those that are still.

Excellent dynamic vision

I don't have the power to see what's still, but I have a good ability to see what is moving.

What a person's dynamic vision "Four times"that's all.

800mSome dog breeds can be recognized so far.

You can catch things that people cannot see.

So, TV looks smooth for people, but it looks jerky to the doggy.

Originally, he was hunting, so he would have excellent ability to recognize the instinctive object.

Can be recognized even in dark places

Have you ever seen a dog walking with a solid step even if you darken your room?

If you are a person, you can walk in a dark place, but dogs can walk without colliding.

Doggy is originally nocturnal and has a different eye structure.

As a result, in the darkness, the person's "Five timesYou can grasp the object.

The light can be amplified by incorporating and reflecting even a slight light.

Therefore, you can grasp in a dark place and walk.

Do you have any eyes shining when you take a picture with your dog?

This is because light is amplified due to differences in eye structure.

Wide view

When people are in the same field of view of the right eye and left eye, "180 to 200 degrees"degree.

Doggy is "as a whole250 degreesIt is about the degree.

In the world of wild animals, knowing the information around you quickly depends on life and death.

Therefore, doggy can grasp over a wide range.

In the case of a dog breed with a little eyes on the face, it will be a little wider.

However, the range that can be recognized in a three -dimensional view with both eyes at the same time is ""120 degrees""80 degrees"degree.

This is because only the prey who runs in front of you to escape is not missed.

Regarding color identification

"Dogs live in the white and black world."

Have you ever heard that?

But by researcherrorI understand.

In fact, it has been confirmed that two types of "blue" and "yellow" can be recognized.

Unfortunately, "red" cannot be grasped.

Therefore, "red" looks "gray", "green / orange" looks like "yellow", and "purple" looks blue.

Doggy cannot identify the color as people.

Considering this, it is better to pay attention to the location and the color of the ball when playing.


I guess there was something surprising that my eyesight was poor or I couldn't identify the color very much.

Even if you look at the beautiful scenery that people impress, you may be blurred and dull for your dog.

Let's understand the world where dogs can see and build a relationship.

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