Do you understand your feelings with your dog's ears? What is the point of reading emotions?

"The dog's ears do not move well."

Have you ever thought?

In addition to the role of listening to the sound like a person, ""Express emotions"There is an important role.

This time, I will introduce "the feeling of a doggy reading from the ear".

Please read it to the end and check your dog's feelings.

Why do emotions appear in the ears?

People move their facial muscles and express emotions.

Doggy has the development of ear muscles.

For this reason, the emotions are expressed using ears that can be moved freely besides facial expressions.

Doggy cannot speak.

As a way to convey your feelings to the other party, we use a body language and a carming signal using the whole body.

Sign of four emotions pumped from the ears

The ears standing

  • is nervous
  • Focusing on something
  • Intimidating

A sign that is interested in something around you.

The emotions vary depending on the situation, such as being nervous when there is a stranger, or threatening when confronting other dogs.

By matching with other parts such as facial expressions and tails, it will be easier to get the feelings.

When the ears are standing, there is a high possibility that the doggy is concentrated.

Therefore, if you want to discipline something, practice at this time.

Petan and ears down behind

  • I have anxiety and fear
  • happy
  • relaxing

Ear is called "Hikoki ear".

There are two types of emotions when you are scared and bearish and want to be spoiled.

There is fear when the expression is hard and the tail is lowered.

When you want to rub on your feet, shake your tail, or your expression is loose.

Observe the whole body other than your ears so that you can read "What do you think?"

My ears are facing sideways

  • Anxious
  • Vigilant
  • I am dissatisfied

Are you playing or getting in the way when your dog is playing?

"I wanted to play a little more." "I was resting slowly ..."

It seems a little dissatisfied.

Picking ears that move

A sign that collects surrounding information.

It's good in the first environment.

Have you ever seen a gesture that your ears move when you're sleeping?

In that case, you may be dreaming.

"REM Sleep" and "Non Rem Sleep" often listen to human sleep.

Actually, there is also a doggy.

When sleeping, the brain is awake, so you often dream, and you may move in conjunction.


How was that.

People do not convey their emotions with their ears.

Therefore, the expression tends to look at the expression, but the doggy is different.

Knowing the dog's ears leads to deepening your dog's communication.

Please pay attention to your dog's ears.

There may be unexpected discoveries.


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