What is the reason for the dog's wasteful barking? Thorough explanation of measures

Barking of your dog is one of the actions that bother the owner.

  • I wonder if your neighbors are annoying ...
  • I can't sleep at night ...
  • I want people who pass each other to stop barking ...

Why do dogs bark?

UselessBarkIt is often said, but there is nothing wasted.

There is always a reason there.

This time,

  1. Why does Wanchan bark? Five causes
  2. How to fix the barking habit? Explain the countermeasures

I will introduce about it.

Understand the cause of barking and stay close to the doggy's feelings.

Why do dog bark? Five causes

Barking for a doggy is a "speaking" action in a person.

What are you thinking now?

I'm trying to communicate.

When are you trying to convey your feelings by barking?

I have something I want to request

  • Bark during a meal
  • Bark when you put it in the cage
  • I want to take a walkEtc ...

I'm barking for communication when I have something I want to convey.

From the experience of getting a snack when barking and playing with it, "You can do something by barkingI think it is a habit.


  • Bark when the intercom rings
  • Bark during a walk
  • Bark outside the windowEtc ...

Protecting your territory has an important meaning for doggy.

It is natural to be alert to people other than your family coming to your territory.

And the delivery person returns as soon as he finishes his work.

She may have misunderstood it, "I ran away because I barked!"

She may continue to bark due to her sense of accomplishment.


  • Bark during the answering machine
  • Bark when you go out
  • UncomfortableEtc ...

In a terrible case, you can break things and cause problems ...

I am suspicious of separation.

I have the feelings I want to convey

  • lonely
  • The owner is excited to come back
  • Bark while shaking the tailEtc ...

Doggy has a strong feeling that I want to pay attention to myself.

She is lonely or when she comes back, she is cute and strokes.

If the owner is happy, the dog will bark more excitement.

I feel stressed

  • Poor physical condition
  • Lack of exercise
  • movingEtc ...

If the timing of barking and barking are different from usual, you may feel stressed or feel uncomfortable.

Be careful if there are any other anxiety factors, such as lack of appetite.

How to prevent dogs from barking?

Basically, barking is not a problematic behavior.

It is wrong to persist it with "don't bark!" "Keep quiet!"

Let's consider how to solve it depending on the cause.

Do not respond to the request

If you are cute, you'll want to respond.

However, if you respond to it, the bark will escalate.

Ignore it and do not respond to the request, and give up.

It is also necessary to make time for your dog.

However, there are many owners who lose this method.

In that case, a signal such as "sitting" is issued.

"Bark" = "Listen to the request"


"I heard the owner's request" = "I got a reward"

Let's be recognized.

Create an environment that does not bark

  • Close the curtain so that passers -by
  • Remember the "house" and guide you to a calm place
  • Change the walk courseEtc ...

Try to distract your consciousness as much as possible.

While barking, don't be soothing, don't bark and praise it.

Reduce the opportunity to bark and do not make barking habits.

Get used to society

I'm not used to the reason why my dog ​​barks on strangers.

What you have experienced in 3 to 14 weeks after birth tends to be easy to adapt, so you can reduce barking even when you are an adult by taking a walk or getting used to stimuli from a young age.

If you are an adult dog, you may want to match it with a snack.

Ask your dog to give a snack to the first time you meet.

By doing so, you may be able to reward and overcome things you are not used to.


The method of "conversation" is different between dogs and people.

It is not good to interpret it as a problematic behavior just because people can not understand.

There is no waste barking for dogs.

This is a message for the owner.

Understand the meaning and make your life with your dog better.

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