What is the cause of the dog's tears and gaps? Thorough explanation of how to deal with and care

Many owners are suffering from their dog's "tears and tears".

If the area around the eyes turns color, the cute face is a little disappointing ...

"I'm just crying and discolored, right? It's okay."

Some owners are thinking lightly.

However, if you leave the tears and injuries as it is, it will get worse.Skin inflammationorillnessThere is a possibility of causing ...

Therefore, this time, I will introduce the causes of tears, how to deal with it, and the preventive method.

Even if there is no problem now, if you are not taking care in the future, your dog may be tearing or injured.

Let's prevent care that can be done at home.

What is tears or gap in the first place?

Tears and gaps are in a state in which the hair around the eyes is discolored by tears overflowing from the eyes.

Tears have an important role in protecting the eyeballs and always cover the surface of the eyeball.

Normally, tears are excreted through the tube flowing through the nose, so they do not overflow from the eyes.

The tears flow from the eyes because they are excessively secreted and that they are not excreted in the nose well.

The tears adhere to the hair, and the bacteria breed or oxidize, resulting in tears and injuries.

Four causes of tears and injuries

As a result of not being able to handle tears, you can understand that tears and injuries occur.

So why does that happen?

  1. Nasal tear tube trouble
  2. Stimulus to the eyes
  3. allergy
  4. Eyes and nose disease

Let's check if there are any items to think of your dog.

Nasal tear tube trouble

  • Not developed during growth
  • Nevertheless
  • The shape is different
  • Waste products are cloggedEtc ...

The above three are strictly corresponding to the owner, but let's take measures for waste products.

If the food you eat has a lot of additives, you may cause indigestion and waste waste.

  • Isn't body odor and bad breath strong?
  • Is the color of the pee dark or the smell is hard?
  • Is there an eye jani?Etc ...

Let's check if there is a sign that waste products are accumulated.

Stimulus to the eyes

Garbage and dust

The amount of tears increases due to garbage and dust in the eyes.

Even if the nasal tear tube is functioning properly, the emissions from the nose will not catch up, and tears will overflow from the eyes.

If tears and injuries are seen only in one eye of the doggy, there is a high possibility that external stimuli is the cause.

Eyelashes, long hair

Some dogs can make eyelashes on the back of the eyelids and grow towards their eyes.

Long eyelashes and hair may hurt your eyes and tears are overflowing.


There is also a dog -chan so that people are allergic.

  • food
  • pollen
  • House dustEtc ...

The allergic reaction occurs around the eyes, causing inflammation and tears overflow.

Make sure that there is no allergic reaction such as itching, redness, and hair loss in a specific place or season.

Eyes and nose disease

  • conjunctivitis
  • Kerchitis
  • RhinitisEtc ...

In some cases, tears and injuries cause illness.

Let's check if the gestures to rub your eyes by hand.

Don't worry anymore! How to deal with tears and gaps and how to prevent it?

I think you have understood the causes of tears and injuries so far.

Next, I will explain the measures and prevention methods.

  1. Change dog food
  2. Wipe off tears frequently
  3. Clean the hair around the eyes
  4. Detox
  5. See a veterinary clinic

Change dog food

There are various types of dog food.

Which is better for your dog for your owner?

You have a hard time judging ...

As a result, some owners will buy cheap products.

It is highly likely that cheap products have a reason to be cheap.

  • Includes unnecessary additives
  • Poor nutritional balance
  • The quality of the ingredients is poorEtc ...

Changing dog food can improve tears and injuries.

Let's check the raw materials firmly.

Wipe off tears frequently

The hair will change by leaving the overflowing tears as it is.

Wipe off with cotton and gauze.

At that time, be careful not to rub or pull it.

However, this does not solve the fundamental cause.

Don't think, "It's okay because you wiped your tears!"

Clean hair around the eyes

A doggy with a long hair around the face will get hair in the eyes if you do not cut it.

Perform regularly trim and shampoo to keep it clean.

Clean the body with detox

Give a lot of water

Moisture in the body is indispensable for discharging waste products.

If you do not moisture, the pee will not be excreted well, and waste will be accumulated.

Be careful as a lack of water can cause other diseases.

Eliminates lack of exercise

Insufficient exercise deteriorates metabolism and accumulates waste.

Moderate exercise can also help relieve stress.

See a veterinary clinic

If you do not improve even if you take measures so far, go to the veterinary clinic.

If you think it's just tears, you may be sick.

Understand the exact situation and take care to solve it.


There are various reasons for tears and injuries, but there is always a reason.

The reason is not good for dogs.

"Isn't it okay just because the hair is discolored?"

Do not neglect.

Let's not miss the doggy's signature.

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