Check your dog's spoilers! How many dogs do you hit?

Doggy loves the owner.

When you see the spoiled figure, it's so cute that you get tired.

This time, I will check the spoiled aspect for the owner.

There is not much opportunity to compare with other dogs.

Maybe your dog is a pretty spoiled boy?

Let's do it immediately.

Check the applicable ones.

Check your dog's spoilers

Check the result



In the case of 0 to 3

It is a doggy with a strong self -reliance, not a spoiled boy.

It may be a bit too indifferent.

The answering machine doesn't seem to be a problem, but it's a bit lonely for the owner who wants to be with his dog ...

In the case of 4-7

Just the right spoiled level level.

You can divide the time you spend with your family and your family.

I love the owner, but it doesn't depend on too much.

It can be said that it is an ideal relationship.

In the case of 8 to 10

It's a pretty spoiled boy.

If you are lonely and have no owner, you can't do it.

If you are so spoiled, your answering machine and the time you are alone may be stressful.

You need to calm down a little.

Three reasons that dogs sweet

It's a sign that your dog will be spoiled.

There are several reasons.

I feel lonely

There are many dogs who are not good at answering, or are lonely.

When you feel lonely, you will be spoiled for affection.

Evidence that you want to be next to you when you are snuggling.

I want you to play

When you want to play, you often put your forefoot on and try to pay attention.

If the owner still doesn't play, bring your favorite toys and appeal.

I want to calm my anxiety

If you leave the owner, you will overflow from the psychology that you may not come back again.

When you come back in the reaction, some dogs are spoiled to fill your anxiety.

However, if the dependence escalatesDisruptionBe careful as it may be.

Not just cute! ? Dangerous possibilities

The reason why dogs suddenly become spoiled is the possibility of injury or illness.

If you are sick, you will be anxious.

In some cases, we are trying to tell the owner to the owner.

In addition to being spoiled

  • vomiting
  • trembling
  • diarrheaEtc ...

If you are different from usual, you may need early treatment, so consult a veterinary clinic.


How was that.

How many actions did you apply to your dog?

I'm glad that my dog ​​can be spoiled.

However, there is a risk by being too pampered.

Let's build a good relationship so that you can maintain a sense of distance.


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