"Reason for the action of dog licking" affection expression? What are the precautions?

My dog ​​expresses various feelings in the action of "licking".

  • Affection expression
  • I want you to play
  • Rice reminderEtc ...

Among the owners

"Are you stressed?"

"I often lick it, but should I stop it?"

"Would you get sick?"

I think some people are worried.

What do your dog think now?

Why are you taking such actions?

Let's understand it firmly.

Why do you lick your dog?

I have something I want you to do

  • I want you to play
  • I want to eat riceetc ...

When you have something you want to do, you may lick yourself to pay attention to yourself.

Doggy cannot speak.

Therefore, we are trying to communicate with the act of "licking" and convey the intention to the owner.

Expressing affection

  • I want to convey the feeling of "like"
  • Because the owner was pleasedetc ...

It is part of the skinship.

While living together, the empathy is high, the emotions are transmitted and licked.

It smells good

Doggy's sense of smell is very good.

Therefore, she feels strongly the smell of people.

In addition to people, if you smell the smell of food, such as the smell of food, you may lick it and check it.

Psychology is different depending on where you lick! ?

I guess you could understand when the dog -chan would take the action of "licking".

And dogs have different meanings depending on where they lick.

Where are you licking next? Let's understand the psychology.

Licking your face

The act that I was asking for rice for my mother dog when I was a puppy.

for that reason,"Affection expression"or"trust"Is.

The dog is more observed than the owner thinks.

Seeing that the owner is happy to express and spoil affection.

Licking your hands

The owner's hand is

  • throw a ball
  • Play with toys
  • It strokes your head and bodyEtc ...

"I want you to bite" and "I want you to play more".

"Reminding"It is highly likely that the meaning is included.

Also, be aware that if you try to stroke, if you try to bite or be intimidated, you may be beaten by someone or remind you of unpleasant experiences.

Licking your legs

It is a place where the smell remains strong because it is wearing shoes and socks, and it is easy to sweat.

Therefore, you may be licking the salt contained in sweat.

Some dogs are licking their sides for the same reason.

It is easy to become a habit and contain germs.

If you lick it, be sure to stop it without leaving it.

Lick your body

Doggy sometimes licks his tail and legs.

Sometimes they are grooming to keep their body clean, but if you keep licking the same place frequently, you may sign stress or skin disease.

Be careful when licking the skin so much that the skin is licked.

Let's talk to a veterinary clinic.

Licking between dogs

When you meet other dogs during a walk, you may be seen in the case of multi -headed breeding.

If you are a dog or an acquaintance dog, you are communicating with expression of affection and friendship.

When I licked the doggy I met during the walk"No hostility"It shows that.

However, be careful when sniffing or licking your ass.

You may be trying to show your superiority by trying to get the other party's information from the strong smell emitted from the buttocks.

If the action escalates, it may develop into a fight.

Consider not to be troubled.

Licking things

  • floor
  • sofa
  • Desketc ...

When the food is spilled, the doggy also notices the smell that people do not notice.

Therefore, most of them are checked with the smell and taste.

If you get the smell of food, you will stop licking.

If you keep licking for a long time

  • I'm trying to calm my anxiety
  • Boring
  • Expression of stress

I'm trying to solve it by licking things.

Let's remove the causes of licking to prevent hygiene and accidental ingestion.

Precautions when licked

"It's as it is because it's cute."

"I'm happy because I feel affection."

I understand your feelings.

For dogs who can't speak, "licking" may be necessary as one of the communication.

But let's understand that there is a risk behind it.

Wash your hands after being licked

Doggy can lick dirty things that people do not say, such as excrement and buttocks.

After licking them, licking the owner's hand may transfer bacteria.

Don't touch your body somewhere in a place licked by a doggy, let's first wash your hands.

Be careful of hand cream

Hand cream contains many ingredients.

And they are not made assuming that the doggy is licked.

I think that some dogs want to lick because they smell and taste, but be careful not to lick them.

If you really want to lick, understand the ingredients and make sure there is no problem.

Both doggy and people may get sick

There should be many dogs who like licking their mouths.

The mouth is a part where pathogens enter the body.

The illness can be transferred by touching each other.

It can be the opposite, not just a dog.

Another problem is that there is a risk of infection to the surroundings via a sick dog or owner.

If you get used to licking, there is a good idea that even the first person who meets will have no resistance to licking.

Let's be careful.

How do you keep your dog from licking?

Carefully clean

It may be reacting to the smell of food.

In that case, it is effective to clean it cleanly and remove the dirt and smell of food.

Let's focus on licking places.

At that time, be careful of the deodorant used.

When the dog licks, it may contain dangerous ingredients.

Be sure to check the ingredients and use them.

Check if communication is enough

  • Time for walks
  • Time to play
  • How to spend at homeEtc ...

Sometimes I lick it when I am asking for something.

Let's take a closer look if your dog is satisfied or lonely.

If you don't have time to communicate, consider licking, such as preparing your favorite toys.

Remove the cause of stress

  • Is rice enough?
  • Do you have time to exercise?
  • Are you creating a safe environment?etc ...

Let's review your daily life so that you can remove the cause of stress as much as possible.

Still, if you lick it persistently, you may be sick, so we recommend going to the hospital.


How was that?

Licking the owner is a way to communicate.

I feel cute and the bond has deepened.

However, there are some anxiety behind the action.

Why do you do that?

Get the right knowledge and have a healthy day with your dog.


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