Go out with your dog! What are the tips for making a comfortable trip?

Going with your dog for those who have a dog -chan is one of the fun events.

  • Dog cafe
  • Accommodation at a hotel or cottage
  • Dog runEtc ...

Recently, the number of places where you can play with dogs has increased, and you can make many memories.

I'm happy.

However, when it comes to going out for the first time

"Is car sickness okay?"

"Isn't it stressful?"

"Can you eat?"

It is also true that anxiety comes out.

Here are some precautions for going out with your dog as the best memories.

Preparation before going out

Make sure you are disciplined

  • Remember the toilet
  • Get used to crate
  • Make sure you can do "wait" and "sitting"Etc ...

Make a minimum discipline so that you can protect your manners so that you can not bother shops and users.

Convenient if there is! Necessary belongings

There is something useful to have when you go out other than what you usually have in your usual walk.

Let's prepare well.

Crate Carry Bag

Even if you move by car or train, you need to move it in a cage for other users for other users.

bath towel

Wipe the dirt, put it in the crate, calm down, or lay it on the ground ...

It is quite easy to use, so it is good to prepare a couple of pieces.

Lead / collar

These are indispensable even when you go out.

Make sure it is not broken if you always use it.

If you go out, it is difficult to find it if you deviate from your dog in a large place outside the outdoors.

Considering when you get lost, put a lost bill with your name and contact information on the collar.

Meals, snacks, water

Necessary when traveling for a long time or staying.

Some dogs do not accept meals for unfamiliar meals.

In that case, it is good to use the tableware you usually use together.

Toilet seat wet tissue

Take it to be careful not to pollute the shops.

It is convenient to be able to throw away when you finish using it.


You can protect your dog -chan by wearing clothes for insect measures and health.

For more informationThis articleRefer to reference.


Vaccination certificates, rabies vaccination votes, etc. are often required of accommodation facilities and dog runs.

Be sure to carry it.

Get used to from everyday life

If you go out, you may be stressed for dogs.

Get used to getting used to your usual walks, play, and living at home.

Get used to the car

There are many dogs that hate when you suddenly get on a car.

Being able to ride a car without any problems is the first step to enjoy going out with your dog.

  1. Play near the car
  2. Play in the middle with the car door open
  3. Close the car door
  4. to start the engine
  5. Run a short distance
  6. ETC that gradually increases the distance ...

Let's get used to it gradually so that you can go out without any problems.

The most important thingDo not use the car only when you are not good at your dog or take you to a place where you are away from the owner and feel lonely.

Take it to a nearby dog ​​run or park by drive

"Drive" = "Sometimes fun"Let's remember.

Get used to crate

Practice you usually stay in the crate so you don't feel stressed when you move.

  • Take it to the park with a crate
  • Take me to shoppingEtc ...

You can train without burden by using it in a little everyday scene.

Get used to people

The only place to visit for the first time is the first to meet.

I'm nervous for a shy doggy.

You don't have to forcibly interact with other people, but you should come to a place where people gather even in everyday life so as not to be too nervous.

Precautions when moving

I'm ready to go out, so next is the move.

Before you arrive at your destination, you don't want to think "I want to go home ...", right?

I have to knowArrestIt can be done.

Let's be careful.

Car sickness

Doggy also has motion sickness.

  • Flow a lot of yodare
  • Breathing is quick to huh
  • vomiting
  • trembling
  • SloppyEtc ...

Be careful if there is a sign of motion sickness.

Countermeasures for car sickness

Rice is completed a few hours before the drive

If the food is not digested, it will be more likely to get sick.

Let's finish the meal by calculating back from the time of putting it in the car.

Take a frequent break

During the drive, take a break every 1-2 hours, go out the dog and refresh.

Giving water at once can cause poor physical condition, so give it little by little and take a break.

Avoid the air freshener of the car as much as possible

Some owners may be sick if they always smell unpleasant for them.

Doggy has a better sense of smell than humans.

Incorporating fresh air makes it harder to get drunk.

Don't forget to ventilate and be careful not to smell.

Don't let me sit in the passenger seat

The airbag is designed to be an adult body.

Therefore, if the airbag is activated, it may not be tolerated and may cause a fracture or suffocation.

This is why the child seat is not attached to the passenger seat.

Also, there is a possibility of rampaging in response to engine sounds and outside things.

"Because it looks lonely ..."

"It's okay because my child is quiet."

It doesn't work.

Note that it can hinder driving.

Put on your knees

If you drive on the driver's knee, it violates the Road Traffic LawArrestIt may be done.

It is also dangerous for others to hold them on their knees because they are not secured.

Keep it in the crate

"I don't want to be trapped in a small place."

"I'm sorry."

You may think that, but let's fix and ensure safety.

It is good to put a towel with the smell of the owner in the crate, so the doggy will calm down.

Open more than half the window and drive

It is quite dangerous.

Appearing and driving is a violation of the Road Traffic Law.

In addition, there are a lot of things that are tempted by dogs.

There is a possibility that you will jump out.

Even if you open the window for ventilation, let's do it a little.

Don't leave only dogs in the car

The inside of the car is quite hot.

This is not limited to summer.

The idea of ​​"only 5 minutes" is the risk of heat stroke for dogs.

Recommended outing spot

You can move comfortably to your destination.

From here, I will introduce the places you want to go with dogs.

Dog run

It is the perfect place to run around freely, interact with other dogs, and change your mind.

Dog cafe

A cafe that is assumed to take a doggy.

You will see a shop that is "accompanied by pets", but there is a general cafe and a part of the store is OK with pets.

There are rules for each shop, such as time zone and dog breeds that can be entered, so check in advance.

In addition, there are many ordinary customers in shops that can be accompanied by pets, so the manners are a little more hurdle than the dog cafe.

So, if you are a doggy who makes a cafe debut, a dog cafe is recommended.


It's a special memory to stay overnight in a different place from your home.

If you are curiously curious, you may be pleased even in the first environment, but delicate dogs may feel uneasy.

  • Favorite toy
  • bed
  • snackEtc ...

Let's make a "safe place" close to the environment at home so that you do not get stressed.


How was that?

There are many things that are uneasy when you go out for the first time.

However, by keeping the preparation well, you can take measures and prevent major troubles.

Anyone who has a doggy will come to visit various places and make fun memories together.

I hope you think about your dog, think about the people involved, and make it a better memory.


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