Why do dogs sleep together? What is the meaning hidden behind a cute action?


hello. I'm Komada of Toutouchoco.

Doggy has various habits.
"Sleep on the same bed as the owner"
I guess there are many dogs with this habit.

as a result,

  • I'm glad to sleep together!
  • Too cute!
  • calm down!Etc ...

I think most owners think like this.
But what is the meaning of that action?
Why does Wan -chan take the action of sleeping together?
Understanding the doggy's way of thinking will increase love.

But it's not just cute.
Risk of sleeping togetherabout
Let's understand it firmly.

Why do you want to sleep together on the owner's futon?

I want to feel the smell of the owner

The smell of dogs is more than several thousand times that of humans.

For dogs who love the owner, there is no better scent as the smell of the owner.

I think there are many dogs who love socks with a lot of smell, and often hold them.

I want you to stop from us. smile

Do you feel happy while you are wrapped in your favorite smell?

The same goes for doggy.

You can sleep well with peace of mind by sleeping in your favorite smell.

The futon is comfortable

A futon that people feel comfortable is comfortable for dogs.

Sleeping on a fluffy futon may be addictive.

In that case, you may be sleeping comfortably on the futon while there is no owner.

Because it has the habit of sleeping in a flock

Originally, doggy is an animal that has lived in a flock.

Especially when you sleep, you are likely to be defenseless, so you have a habit of sleeping with your friends.

That's because you recognize your favorite owner as a trusted companion.

Because it's a spoiled boy

A doggy with a spoiled person wants to spend time with the owner anyway.

Therefore, there is a tendency to sleep on the same futon.

I feel uneasy because I have been answering for a long time during the day and do not want to leave! Some children come to think.

Understand in the place! Psychology of dog

The psychology may be understood depending on where the dog sleeps together.

Where do your dogs usually sleep?

Please recall and refer to it.

I'm sleeping at my feet

The owner"leader"I consider it.

I want to protect the leader even when I'm sleeping! It seems that there is a feeling.

I'm sleeping around my stomach and chest

The owner is your own"fellow"I am aware.

It may not be considered a leader, but you have a strong feeling of trust.

I'm sleeping near my face

There is a possibility that you are looking at the owner below yourself ...

Of course, there are individual differences, so there is no problem if you can listen to what you usually do and build a hierarchical relationship.


  • There is space in that place
  • I recognize it as a place to sleepEtc ...

There is plenty of possibility of thinking like this.

How do you sleep?

Sleep all over

It is the most commonly seen posture.

This sleeping phase keeps the internal organs and does not miss body temperature.

When you see this sleep in the cold season, you may be cold, so be careful of body temperature management, such as blanket.

Conversely, if you are sleeping even in the warm season, you may be nervous and be alert to something.

Sleep prone

It is an attitude that you can get up immediately after detecting the dangers around you.

When you sleep in this posture, you often have not been able to sleep deep and you will not be able to relax.

In summer, I sometimes sleep with my limbs stretched to relieve the heat.

Sleep on your back

"Navel Ten"It is also a way of sleeping.

When you are sleeping in this posture, you are relaxing.

I feel like I'm too relaxed. smile

He understands that there is no danger in the house and seems to be sleeping with peace of mind.

Let's watch it so as not to disturb deep sleep.

Lie down

It's time to sleep soundly when you're sleeping as if you fell down.

I'm sleeping comfortably, so let me sleep slowly.

Who are you sleeping with?

It is unlikely that you will go to another person in the first meeting and sleep with your stomach.

Anyone who wants to sleep together

  • Person you trust
  • Safe person

When you are sleeping, it is the most vulnerable moment.

If you don't have these two elements, you won't sleep together.

People with the most security of the family

"My child is always sleeping with her mother."

"My child is a dad!"

I think that there are many dogs that sleep only with a specific person.

this is"Is there the most secure family in your family?"You may have judged.

People sleeping in a place where space can be taken

There is a tendency to choose a sleeping space and a person who can secure a place where the movement is not disturbed.

People who have a good sleeping phase, no snoring

Choose a person who can sleep well without being disturbed.

He sleeps well and does not disturb sleep.

There will be people who can sleep quietly without snoring.

Disadvantages of sleeping with dogs

I want to stay with me when I go to bed!

I really understand the feeling.

But thereriskLet's understand that there is also.

To act with only good aspectsdangerousis.

Know the disadvantages to keep being a long and good partner.

The master -slave relationship is not well established, making it difficult to discipline

Sleeping together may recognize that it is the same thing, and you may not be able to listen to it difficult to discipline.

But is the only time to build a relationship when sleeping?

If you sleep together, you may not be able to build a good relationship in the first place.

  • stroll
  • meal
  • Time to playEtc ...

Depends on how to use the time you share.

Take care of your time so that your relationship will not collapse because you are sleeping together.

I can't sleep well because I'm too conscious of my dog

Depending on the size, it may be crushed when you turn over.

Also, if you care about your dog, you may sleep in a very unreasonable position and hurt your body ...

If you don't sleep alone, you will unconsciously pay attention to the other person.

As a result, if you wake up in the morning because you can not sleep well, you will continue to feel refreshed, causing the owner to get sick ...


It may cause itching if the hair loss of the doggy or the drooling is left on the sheets.

Let's try to wash frequently.

It may be okay if you only have a sheet, but it is troublesome to have fleas and ticks on beds and futons.

When you come back from a walk, remove the fleas and ticks before putting them home.


How was that?

"Why is the dog sleeping together?"

Did you understand the meaning of the action a little?

  • Be healed
  • feel relieved
  • cuteetc ...

If you love dogs, you want to sleep together! You should think.

But it's not just a merit.

On the other hand, I hope that you will know well and create a form of bonds that are ourselves.

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