About TOUTOU COCO dog model recruitment

TOUTOU COOC takes more communication with the owners and their dogs who like Toutou Coco every day.

I was always thinking about whether I could send my dog ​​to the world through the brand called Toutou Coco.

So we decided to recruit dog models in Toutou Coco.

"I want various people to see my dog!"
"I want to make a model with TOUTOU COCO!"

I would be grateful if you could read the outline to the end.

About the work content of the dog model

For regular TOUTOU COCO products that are being held regularlyPlease participate as a special model.

Location: In the case of offlineIt will be held in Osaka or Tokyo. (Depending on the situation, it may be a remote model.)

Time: per timeAbout 4-5 hours

In addition, the atmosphere at the time of shooting and photos to be takenTag TOUTOU COCO on your Instagram to upload it.

Basically, all the photos taken will be presented. It will also be used on our official website and official SNS.

Benefits of becoming a dog model

  1. The target product is 15%off during the TOUTOU COCO model period.
    (The target product will be announced again)
  2. It will be popular because it will be posted on the official website or SNS.
  3. You can interact with dogs with other models.
  4. We will randomly present TOUTOU COCO products.

About application conditions for dog models and how to apply

About application conditions

@toutoucocoThose who are following
・ Those living in Japan
・ Those who have opened their accounts
・ Those who can get in touch by DM or LINE quickly
@toutoucocoThose who can continue to support and follow

How to apply

② ToutouchocoOfficial lineSend the following information to
・ One or more of the dog photos and videos
・ Body weight and dog breed
(No one is already registered on LINE.)
・ Videos that can be used and waiting
(The minimum discipline is required to shoot a model.)

Please send these to your personal talk screen.

Regarding selection / results notification

We will reply after confirming the contents sent to LINE. There are cases where it usually gets about 7 to 10 days to reply.

We will also reply to those who have lost.

* Not everyone will hire
* Depending on the timing of the photo session, the period may be vacant even after being adopted.

About photo examples of photo sessions

I hope you will help you to increase the trigger of memories of people and dogs with Toutou Coco.

I would be glad if the owner of the dog model could make memories with his dog.

We look forward to many applications.


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