Details of TOUTOU COCO photo contest

TOUTOU COCO is monthlyOfficial InstagramWe are holding a photo contest.

The awarder will give you two types randomly from Toutou Coco's domestic additive -free snacks and sprinkles!

By the way, regarding the type of taste

  • Bonito
  • beef
  • Sashimi
  • Tuna
  • sardine

Since the price is 750-850 yen, you can get a gift of at least 1,500 yen.

(In addition, irregularlySpecial gift such as clothesIs also being planned ... )

By all means, use the photo contestPlease send the cute appearance of your dog to the world!

How to participate in the Toutouchoco photo contest

Official InstagramFollow
② Photograph of your dog along with Toutouchoco products
③ Tag Toutouchoco and upload to the story or feed post

That's all.

It is important to be careful because there are many people who forget the tagging, but the ID of the Instagram is TOUTOUCOCO.

About the examination period

The awarder's announcement5th of every monthIt will be.

And the examination period1st to 31stIt will be (until the end of the month). In other words, if you upload it from January 1 to 31

You will have participated in a photo contest that will get results on February 5.

About the judge

The ToutouchocoCo Division's spokeswoman picks up five candidates for three days from the 1st to 3rd of the month, and then decides the Grand Prix by all business departments.

About posting cases

I think some people think "What kind of post is good?"

* It is a horizontal image for the PC version view.



This is just a reference, so there is no problem if you can think "like this!"

You can use a pair look photo or a photo of your dog alone.

The important thing is that if you can see memories such as the best shot that the owner thinks, "My child is cute !!!!" or "I enjoyed having a dog with a dog!" 。

Then, please apply! This month's application is still in time!

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