Gorgeous and spring, pastel color wet

A pastel -colored wet that just wears one piece and makes your heart feel like spring.

At noon on a sunny holiday, walking and going out together will be a little more fun than usual just wearing pastel -colored sweatshirts.

I wanted to help you make a little color in such a daily life, so I made this pastel color wet.

Double the cuteness by "wearing together"

Because it is a simple design, it will be more cuteness by wearing it together rather than wearing it alone.♪

It feels like a back brushed ◎

Because it is a simple sweatshirt that is usually easy to use, you are particular about the fabric.

The inside is brushed back, and the touch of the moment through the sleeves is ◎

Dog clothing is a simple design with ease of movement

I made it with the image of going outside, such as a walk and going out, so the dog clothes are finished with a simple design so that it can be easily moved.♪

Available in 5 colors with abundant colors

・ Mint blue

* Please note that there are currently many orders and some colors are out of stock.

If you are worried about the size, we also accept custom -made

Doggy clothes may be slightly different depending on the brand.

For those who are worried about the size, Toutou Coco (Tutukoko) also accepts custom -made clothes.♪

Have a little fun for your usual outing

Walking and outing time that you always go casually is also an important time to spend time with your dog.

"Wear matching clothes" at the time of such an important two people. Why don't you make such fun?♪


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