Have you forgotten that dogs are living at four times the speed of humans?

hello everyone. I'm Komada of TOUTOU COCO.

Everyone who is interested in dog lovers and dogs has investigated

"How old dog 2 years old"
"I'm a dog age"
There is such a search, right? smile

As you may know today, more than 90%of people have forgotten when they are busy every day or spend every day.

I'm going to talk about "dog time".

Why is dogs living at four times the speed of people?

First, look at this table. (I'm sorry that the image is a little coarse)

As you can see from this, dogs areYou are living a life at about 4 to 6 times the speed of a person.

At first, it was such a cute baby enough to fit in the palm of my hand, but I will pull out my age someday ...

Latte, the representative (20s), is still 0 as of 2021, but by the age of three, it will be about the same age as Latte.

I'm glad and a little lonely that I grow up at a speed that I can't compare with people in just a few years, right?

Dogs always die before others.

I was hesitant, but I used this word as a brand that handles pet supplies.

If the dog and the dog are healthy and the life is fulfilled without any incident, the dog will always go to heaven first.

The owner who will lose people first unless there is a special reason, such as illness or accident, is rather irresponsible.

The owner must understand this fact and take responsibility to the end.

First of all, againDogs have a shorter time to stay healthy than people, and unlike us, they have less scenery and experience.Let's remember.

However, if you are 10 years old because it is too 4 times earlier, I would like to talk about something close to you, not an abstract story like 40 years old.

Let's take 4 times speed as positive.

What we can do now is to capture four times more faster and contact your dog.

For example, an answering machine that everyone has experienced once.

You may be wondering, "Is it okay because it's a 6 -hour answering machine!"It's past one day when I go with a dog timeIt is.

Don't you want to go home early if you think like this?

Conversely, if you take these four hours positively, the time to play with your dog, the time to play, and the fun of going to a cafe or travel together are four times.

If you play with your favorite dog at home for 15 minutes, your dog will have a fun for one hour, and if you go on a trip for two nights, you will feel like enjoying 8 nights.

Although the actual time is not increasing, I think that our consciousness will be more facing now, so I think we can spend a lot of time with dogs.

The time to play with your dog and have a limited time is limited

The same is true for people, but you can go on a variety of trips, go to play, and enjoy your physical strength and financial aspects.

I think it is about the late teens and 40s. If it would be 30 years to be able to play and enjoy all power Max

It is about 7 to 8 years when converted by dog. In other words, today's story is about all owners and all dogs.

That's why, as I mentioned earlier, let's take a positive and enjoy the present with all your might.

The representative is always "Dogs are 4 times earlier, so I have to spend more than 4 times more time! smileWhile saying

I'm spending more money on Latte than myself lol

However, I think that happiness is going up further, so please use the assets that you are now in your experience and memories with your dog.

Let's have fun together. Then.

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