"Check pattern knit" that you want to wear every day

A casual and girly design that you want to wear every day

"I want to wear it every day"

"Check pattern knit" was born with the desire to receive such a voice from the customer who actually ordered.

A mysterious knit that makes a refreshing texture addictive

There are clothes made of various materials even though it is a knit, and the design is cute and I bought it, but I guess there is one knit that is tingling and keeps in the closet?

It is a very difficult part to consider the balance between design and comfort when making knit cloth clothes.

As a result of trial and error many times, this "check pattern knit" became satisfactory with a clear texture.

《Outstanding everyday use》 If you are in trouble, it will be decided by this knit ◎

Rather than "Let's definitely wear that clothes on this day," the clothes that are active when they say "What should I wear today ..."?

With the image of such a scene, it has been finished in a casual and girly design.

The sleeves are hard to stretch and finished with durable making

In addition, the sleeve part that is easy to stretch after washing once is durable.

Dog clothing with many mistakes in size is safe by ordering

The size of the dog clothes varies depending on the brand, saying "I was happy but the size was ...", so it is difficult to get a satisfactory clothes.

That's why TOUTOU COCO also prepares orders for order size.♪

Special time with clothes for casual everyday life

Clothes are indispensable for us and dogs in everyday life. I would be glad if I could help my casual daily life to a special time through such familiar things.♪


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