Efforts by Toutou Coco to be a brand that has been around 100 years ago

Dog clothes pair look

hello everyone. I'm Komada of TOUTOU COCO.

TOUTOU COCO is a dog life brand that can make a pair look

We are working on this brand every day with the goal of "continuing to 100 years ago."

What is the world 100 years ago ...? Lol I'm sure I don't write this

Nevertheless, I think that TOUTOU COCO will remain in the world.

How to stay up to 100 years?

A brand that survives for 100 years, among the average life expectancy of companies is 30 years, will be a legend.

I think there are many success factors to become that legend, but I think there are two things particularly important in this era.

  1. Taking the flow of the times and enjoying changes
  2. The brand has a philosophy and consistent
  3. Making efforts to increase continuity within the brand

Taking the times and enjoying changes.

What is our representative here? What kind of management policy is it?

That causes a big impact,Definitely a person who tolerates the change. smile

It is the same as a generation that likes changes, and if you do not like the change, you will not do youtube or update Instagram yourself, right?

<< Representative YouTube

The other day, when I talked to the representative, I said, "Tomorrow we will glampling in Kyoto with a latte!"

I think it's a very few type managers, and I don't have any concerns here.

The brand has a philosophy and consistent

You might think, "Isn't it contradictory to change and consistency?"

What is the purpose? Why are you doing TOUTOU COCO? about it.

Even if you do Youtube, do Instagram, or change the means according to the trend of this era, "what are you doing?"

And in the case of TOUTOU COCO

"Creating rich time and memories between dogs and people"

I think as the most important message of the brand.

So we don't say much dog apparel brands, but talk about dog -life brands and themselves.

That's because it's a brand that supports the time and memories of dogs and people, not selling clothes.

These brands have a philosophy and message, and are always necessary to last 100 years.

↑ I would like to say with confidence after 100 years. smile

Making efforts to increase continuity within the brand

And the last is "to make efforts to increase continuity within the brand", but this is what you can do immediately and you have to do it.

In the previous blog post, the disposal of apparel is amazing ... I wrote that, but in this area

Recently, it is often called sustainable and SDGs. Today I would like to talk about what TOUTOU COCO is actually working on.

There are three main things we are working on.

  1. Abolition of paper tags and lower bill systems for web -limited products
  2. Sustainable bytc
  3. Donations to protection groups or animal protection organizations at least once a year

Abolition of paper tag system for web -limited products

I've heard of paper tags and lower bills, but it's a brand paper on your clothes (as it is. Laughs)

Originally, my shacho started saying, "Is there just a paper tag?"

Considering that the paper tags for thousands to tens of thousands of clothes are gone a year, I feel that the loss has been reduced considerably.

Of course, there are times when it is necessary for over -the -counter sales, so we use it at that time.

Sustainable bytc

Many people think, "What is this?" I think it is hard to spring up.

In a nutshell"When buying new dog clothes and pair look clothes, you can buy it cheaper than the list price if you exchange it as it was originally!"This is the system.

The reason why this system was born was when about 50 customers were questioned

"Dog clothes get dirty soon ..."
"My 〇〇 chews and breaks a little."

MainlyIt turns out that dog clothes get dirty quickly because the dog plays and the pace is faster than the human clothing.Did.

Certainly, I want my dog ​​to wear beautiful clothes ... but dog clothes are easy to get dirty. 。

That's where sustainable bytc was born. To explain a simple flow

① Dog clothing gets dirty
② If you send us what you used so far to us, issue a 5-20%OFF coupon
③ If the dog clothes that have arrived still seem to be usable, we will clean it up
④ We donate to the Protection Team University

It is a mechanism. in short

Users can buy dog ​​clothes and pair look cheaply at the same time and help with donationsIt is.

Because it is dirty, it is not a dog clothing poi, but also donations and dogs use new clothes. Isn't it nice?

As our company, the number of times the company's products are thrown away will decrease, which will help someone.

I thought that everyone was a happy mechanism, so this system was born.

I would like you to use sustainable byTC by all means.

For inquiriesOn LINE

Donation to protection groups at least once a year

And at the end it may be common, but it is a donation. It changes depending on the production volume and situation of the year once a year

I believe that TOUTOU COCO can be a 100 -year -old brand by carefully doing what you can do in front of you.

In addition, the pet industry still has many problems, such as killing, so I want to use it as a job in the pet industry.

We have you tell us a lot of donations and we are actually donating, so please let us know if you know where you are in trouble or use TOUTOU COCO.

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TOUTOU COCO keeps doing what you can do in front of you.

Today I talked about Toutou Coco's efforts, but the most important thing is.

It is a message because it increases the smiles of customers and dogs in front of you.Create rich time and memories between dogs and people

Don't forget to do what we need to do.

And if you read today's article and think "interesting!" "I sympathized!"

I would be glad if you continue to support TOUTOU COCO. It is a brand that is only for customers, and above all, it will be encouraging.

Thank you for reading today. Then. 

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