[Save 2022] Do you need dog clothes? The advantages and disadvantages of dog clothes are fully disclosed!

hello. I'm Komada of TOUTOU COCO.

We are a brand that sells dogware, but sometimes they say, "You don't have to make your dog wear clothes!"

I sometimes get a contact such as "I hate dogs ..." or "don't hurt the dog."

So today to get the right knowledge and enjoy a better dog life.About the need for dog clothes, the role of clothes, how to chooseI will talk.

Let your dog wear clothes is full of benefits!

First of all, I will talk about the conclusionIt is highly recommended to have your dog dressed in consideration of the need and aspect of role.is!

If you find the fact that wearing clothes is actually bad, you can't sell clothes as a company ...

To summarize the benefits

  1. It will be a measure against heat and cold
  2. It leads to prevention of injuries and illness
  3. It helps prevent dirt and hair loss
  4. cute....! !

There is a merit.

As a dog wears clothes, it will be a measure against heat and cold

In the past, it was common to keep dogs outside, but now many people keep dogs indoors.

And indoor dogs are not good at adjusting body temperature like outdoor dogs. Therefore, the room was warm, but it was suddenly cold when I went for a walk.

In recent years, there have been many dog ​​breeds that cannot withstand sudden changes in room temperature.For example, short -haired dog breed chihuahuas and pugs are vulnerable to cold and easy to cool.So

You can take measures against cold by wearing pet clothes. Conversely, vulnerable to heatIn the case of dog breeds such as Siberian Husky, wear a cool vest in the summer to prevent heat strokeI can.

It is said that people have to be careful especiallyBe careful with ultraviolet raysis. Dogs also tan, which can cause rough skin.

You need to be careful because you think you will go for a walk when it is warm.

Wearing dog clothes will help prevent injuries and illness

Although it is not noticeable, it is surprisingly effective to prevent this injury and illness. For example, is fleas and ticks a representative example?

Spraying directly can cause dermatitis, so putting it on your clothes will increase the effectiveness of the prevention.

Also, wearing clothes when you take a walk outside or when you are rampaging in the room will lead to prevention without direct contact.

What I think I can wear clothes is to prevent ultraviolet rays.

It is the same for dogs that are only for people that the UV rays in summer can be seriously damaged. Because you can't apply sunscreen directly, make sure you don't damage your skin directly.

It helps prevent dirt and hair loss

This is really very helpful for some dog breeds ... Cleaning hair loss and dirt is hard.

Hair loss does not decrease because you wear clothes, but I think it will be much easier from the cleaning perspective.

Pet cafes and hotels also said, "The rooms of people wearing dog clothes are easier to clean."

From this point of view, it seems that the number of owners who wear dog clothes as etiquette has increased.

It is cute for dogs to wear clothes! !

I said a lot of benefits, but honestly this is the end (laughs).

Of course, the naked dog who has nothing to do is also cute,

Only the owner who keeps the health of his dog's cutest dog and makes him even more cute.

By wearing clothes, your dog becomes more mature, cute, and beautiful ...

Please try various aspects and make every day more fun.

Is there a disadvantage to wear dog clothes?

To be honest, there is no merit! I would like to say, but if there is a merit, there are disadvantages.

However, I would like you to be careful if the items introduced from now on rather than disadvantages are true.

  • There is no clothes size
  • I wear clothes all day or while sleeping
  • Clothes with a lot of decorations and decorations

The owner must be careful about the elements you have given. I don't think anyone bother purchases products that don't fit the size of clothes.

Be careful if you wear it all day or wear it while you sleep. If you wear clothes for a long time, your hair and clothes will rub and become pills.

Also, products with a lot of pearl decorations and buttons (I can really understand the cute feeling).You need to be careful about accidental ingestion and accidental eatingis.

Also, if you don't like dogs, don't overdo them.

Wearing dog clothes is often good for dogs and people.

Today I talked about the need for dog clothes and what I should be aware of, but no matter which side

Wearing dog clothes also has a merit in protecting your health,

It has a great significance in the sense of making memories with your dog and raising the happiness of life.

Let's enjoy the clothes life with your dog while paying attention to the caution.

Thank you for reading. Then.

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