Dog's heat stroke comes before you notice it. What are the really necessary measures?

Nowadays, the heat that I can't imagine in July
How are you feeling?😭
In such a climate, even more, not only humans
Dogs also have to pay attention to heat stroke.
Especially in the case of dogs, they do not speak.
It may be delayed to notice ...
This time, to protect your dog firmly
Think about heat stroke measures.

① Flext time for walks!

The hottest time in midsummer, the temperature of the ground
It can exceed 60 ° C ...
The paws are grilled in a walk during the day
The doggy that has become😭
Time for a daily walk, early in the morning, after sunset, etc.
There is no sunlight on the ground as much as possible
Please choose the time.

② In fact, it's actually dangerous!

It's okay because it's not hitting the sunlight ~
Surprisingly, it is easy to suffer from heat stroke
Is in the house!
Doggy has higher basal body temperature than humans
Therefore, apply a fan or cool it down.
In addition to the measures, take measures ◎
By the way, my dog ​​is a wet towel
Put on your body and put a fan there to make it cool
We are taking measures to make it possible. *
(*Not based on scientific evidence)
(I also have a belly band)

Let's get on the summer together!

At TOUTOU COCO, it is a heat countermeasure goods
We sell "SUO cooling".
People and dogs are developing two sizes each
An item that the whole family can match.
Of course it is perfect for indoor use ◎
There are plenty of colors, so be sure to check it out
Please see!
The heat will increase in earnest,
Take a good measure and get over this summer
Let's do it!
Look forward to the next update!
See you~👋🏻

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