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Good evening🌙
Normally care for dogs at home
How are you doing it?
This time, how to care for doggy at home
Think about.

① Be careful not to wash too much!

* This is Latte, a model dog.
As you can see, if you get wet with water
It has become lol
Shampoo is particularly difficult in home care
How to do it and the timing.
Be careful, washing too much
To be lost. After washing with shampoo
The act of rinseing with water is the same as we humans
The skin is somewhat burdened.
The hot water is not hot, it is about 37-38 degrees
With lukewarm water ◎

② Dry well!

Leave the doggy as a wet
And it may cause dermatitis.
When you take a shower, dry it firmly
Is also important.
In other words, when you shampoo at home
From preparation to completion, it is a very difficult task
It will come.

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It's okay if your dog licks
Use only natural ingredients.
Healed by the scent of lavender♪
The nice thing about waterless shampoo
No need to wash off!
Apply shampoo to the doggy's hair and the whole
After a light massage, wipe off the rest
Just OK!
Because it can be dried naturally with only towel dry
The burden on the doggy is small ◎

Make home care more convenient!

How was it?
Surprisingly difficult care at home
I think many people are thinking.
The burden is reduced by myself and my doggy
Maybe you can try it sometimes
Maybe ...♡
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Let's see you next time!
See you~👋🏻

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