Who is "latte"? Introducing TOUTOU COCO signboard dogs🐶

Good evening🌙
It's a little extra today, so
Let me introduce TOUTOU COCO's signboard (?)
I'll enjoy having this!
Product photos of Toutou Coco and Instagram
It is a latte that often appears in posts!
She mixes Chihuahua and toy poodle
A dog, a dog at our president's house.
She also serves as a product model of Toutou Coco
I have.

Latte's special skill ① Kyun!♡

The first feature of such a latte is the first one
It's a trendy "Kyun"!♡
Seeing a dog -chan who is Kyun on SNS,
You can definitely be latte! ! President who was convinced
I specialized in the snacks for food ◎
In addition, Latte's amazing work ...
It's crying! ! !
It's too cute ... Ah ... 🤤

Latte Special Skills ② Ohana

The second is Ohana!
The special skill with this cute name is YouTube
I got it from the comments I received!
In the circle made with your finger, the tip of the nose
I put it in a little😭💗💗💗
If you do this, you will get a snack!
Latte, who recognizes that, is now one shouting
To show off your special skills👏🏻

What is your dog's special skill?

It seems that Latte is showing these two special skills
You can check it on YouTube's birthday video!
Please check out💗
What are your dog's special skills?
By all means to the official LINE and Instagram DM
Please send!
Let's see you next time!
See you~👋🏻

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