TOUTOU COCO clothes have appeared in the city. Store sales have finally started!

Good evening🌙
TOUTOU COCO is from the founding of the brand
Mainly online sales
I'm there, but what a time at the store
Sales have been decided! !👏🏻
So today is the first memorable issue
I would like to introduce you to the store.
to come♪

MEMECO Yokohama store

It is close to Motomachi Chinatown
MEMECO Yokohama store!
A shop just opened on July 4th
At this store, store sales so far
Handling many brands that did not have
As one of them, Toutou Coco
Some products can be sold at stores
It will be ~👏🏻🐶

Please see and experience it.

⇧ This is the actual store.
A lot of TOUTOU COCO clothes on the rack!
From many customers so far, "several types
I want to compare the clothes "" "Look at the real thing and consider it
I want to do it "
Trial and error has been repeated for realization.
This store sales started a little
I hope it will be!
Sales at stores will increase in the future
So even in that store in your city
The day when TOUTOU COCO products are lined up may come
Maybe ...♡
Please visit me once♪
Let's see you next time!
See you~👋🏻

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