Notice of the official LINE renewal

The official LINE of Toutou Coco has been newly renewed.

Until now, LINE was mainly used as the main, but it has April 1, 2022.

  • Monthly photo contest
  • Recruitment of model dogs
  • Preferential information for new products
  • Free shipping coupon distribution
  • Easy outfit consultation
  • Dog's worries consultation

You will be able to enjoy it in LINE. Also the content on LINEAll freeIt will be.

The following is the content page after a simple renewal.

In addition, those who have registered LINE only now have published "First Free Shipping Coupon".

I will send you a questionnaire form first, so you can get a coupon if you register it.

Also, based on the information you receive in that form, we will deliver custom -made information suitable for your dog, so please look forward to it.

Click here to register LINE ↓

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