Overcome clothes dislikes! Introducing tips for your dog to wear clothes happily

hello. I'm Komada of Toutouchoco.

The other day, such a question came.

"I want my child to put on clothes, but I hate it and it doesn't make it easy to wear it ..."

Doggy, who had never had a habit of wearing clothes

You have a hard time wearing clothes.

Many of us have dogs, but

"If you try to put on your clothes, you will run away ..."

"I don't like to be quiet ..."

"I can put it on by spending time, but it solidifies ..."

I was worried.


So today

"Tips for getting your dog to wear clothes"

I will talk about.


As a result of trying that method

Now I don't hate the staff of the staff

It looks like you'll be wearing clothes, so will it be helpful? I think.

Let's go.



Tips for letting your dog dress

Why do dogs hate clothes in the first place?

The major factor is that there is "discomfort".

It's natural for dogs to wear clothes

Covering your body makes you feel uncomfortable or uncomfortable.

For doggy,

"Wear clothes" = "I don't like things"

Let's challenge without overdoing it.

I can't wear clothes that don't fit

  • Heavy clothes
  • Clothes that are difficult to move because the size does not fit
  • Clothes with hooded ears
  • Thick clothes
  • Hard clothesEtc ...

Clothes that are the same as humans and do not suit dogs are stressful.

I hate if my neck, arms, and chest are cramped.

Make sure you are trying to wear that doesn't fit.

Choose clothes that are easy to wear

  • Exploring fabric
  • Clothes without sleeves
  • Clothes to fasten with VelcroEtc ...

Not only dogs at first

The owner is not used to wearing it

You will be more likely to be disgusted.

First, choose clothes that are easy to wear,

Let's make it both dogs and the owner smoothly.

Get used to

There are many dogs who can wear them almost without dislike during the puppy.

And it is natural to wear clothes,

Even if you become an adult dog, you may grow up without dislike.


"My child is already bigger!"

The owner is OK.

Let's get used to it little by little.

First, just put on your head.

If you don't do what you don't like, put your forefoot. Such

It is important to get used to it in order.


By getting used to

"Wearing clothes" = "going out" = "fun"

Can be linked, and the tension rises by shaking the tail.

Fun things are waiting to wear clothes! You will understand.

Give a snack

"Clothes" = "Snack"

Connects the consciousness of.

Give you a reward by wearing clothes,

Ask them to be rewarded by wearing clothes.


Also, it is not limited to snacks.

  • Give toys
  • Go out
  • play together
  • ExaggerateEtc ...

Anything is fine.

DoggyBe most pleasedLet's do that.



If your dog hates clothes, don't force yourself

Unfortunately, there are dogs who hate to try various methods or try many times.

The reason is,

  • Environment that grew up
  • PersonalityEtc ...

There are various reasons and there are individual differences and cannot be said unconditionally.

Although there are many benefits to wearing clothes

Don't force yourself to hate the doggy.



How was that?

This time, I talked about the tips for dressing dogs.

Of course, it's not good to forcibly put on your dog who dislikes it.

As I mentioned last time,

You can protect your dog's health by wearing clothes.

An irreplaceable day with your dog with your actions

It may be a little longer.

Let's cherish the time with the doggy.


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