New products that are flooded with inquiries before the release, finally launched!

Good evening🌙
Today is the new one -peak type type
Introducing the pair look!
It has been very popular before its release and a lot
Because it is a product that received inquiries,
Check it out early!

Monotone ribbon dress

Monotone ribbon dress from 7/14
Is now on sale👏🏻
Simple, monotone and elegant together
Design dress.
For cafe dates and commemorative photos with your dog
It fits well!
On Instagram, etc. before the release
We have received many inquiries,
Premonition that it will be a very popular product ...♡
Staff popularity is very expensive!
Instagram will be performed at a later date, so
looking forward to!
Let's see you next time!
See you~👋🏻
Monotone ribbon dress

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