Good evening🌙
Today, we introduce here to be released yesterday ...!
That product that was very popular was renewed
I came back🐶

Leather Camwan Piece

The leather part is matched in the previous sales status
The tops are pair look in separate fabric
However, the products to be sold this time
It is a complete pair look!
... but
We apologize before sales ...

I'm sorry🙇‍♂️

This is a renewal product,
As soon as it is out of stock for a limited quantity sales
There is a possibility of out of print😭
Depending on the sales situation, additional delivery ...!
I think, but at the moment restock
There is no plan ...
The dog clothes are short sleeves in the tops
Excellent thing that combines cuteness and ease of movement!
The owner's clothes are also small items and hairstyles to match
It is clothes that you can enjoy various impressions♪
Since it is limited in quantity, please take this opportunity
Please buy as soon as possible! !
Let's see you next time!
See you~👋🏻
Leather Cami dress


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