The best time -saving care without water! Waterless shampoo

¥2,709 (税込¥2,980)

  1. Honestly my child smells ...
  2. I hate water, so shampoo is hard ...
  3. I'm worried about the dirt after the walk ...
  4. I can't take a bath due to illness or decline ..
  5. I can't take a bath with a puppy yet ...

If you have a dog, you won't be worried.

I know that one shampoo is needed once every two weeks to keep my dog ​​clean, but there are times when it is difficult.

In such a case, it is convenient to have a dry shampoo that can be cleaned quickly.

How to use is very easy.

    1. Shake the body lightly before use
    2. Take the mousse and apply
    3. Wash to massage
    4. Wipe off the bubbles firmly

In the case of a small dogYou can clean it in 5 to 10 minutes.


And it contains unusual lavender for dog shampoos!

It is possible to put lavender scent in shampoo and wipe off the relaxation effect and germs.

It is a shampoo with a soft and gentle scent so that it is not hard even if the dog smells.

* There is no particular problem because the dog licks it.

I want you to use it with confidence because it is a dog shampoo used by an important family.

Toutouchoco shampooAll components of peace of mind. No coloring, no additivesis.

Ingredients (all ingredients display): Refined water, Mukurodi extract, Neem Leaf extract, persimmon astringent extract, propanial, silver ion, fragrance

Made in Japan


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