[Pair look SET] Bicolor lace floral blouse

¥12,136 (税込¥13,350)
Color: Blue x Bull
dog size:


 * This product is "Made to order". It will take time to deliver to the manufacture and deliver the product by hand.


A matching coordination set that the owner and doggy wear in a pair look. It seems to be more fun to walk and go out♩

A large frill design and a bicolor race.
Gorgeous design is perfect for summer outing ◎

Model dog wearing
Blue x blueS
Red x Red S
Red x Light Blue M

The model size isHere

[Dogging size]
* It is the finished size.
No elasticity
There is a button behind

Length 21cm
23cm around neck
Chest circumference 32cm

Length 23cm
25cm around neck
Chest 36cm 

Length 25cm
27cm around neck
Chest circumference 40cm


Made in Japan (The owner's clothes are not Made in Japan)


[Size for the owner]

Free size
There is a button behind
There is lining

Width: about 51cm
Total length: about 60cm

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