nice to meet you. Hayashida is the representative of a company that runs TOUTOUCOCO.
Today, we contacted you about the thank you for purchasing our brand and future schedules.
First of all, thank you for purchasing TOUTOU COCO products.
I am glad to be able to start the wonderful memories of customers and dogs and the trigger of experience.
Thank you from now on.

About future schedules

First of all, the order style of our brand's products is roughly divided into two patterns.

  1. Products that already have stock
  2. Reservation order / custom -made

Regarding products that are already in stock

① Check the order with our company (it has been over here)
② Transfer information to the partner factory
③ Delivered to your home from the warehouse

It is a schedule, and if the order time is until 10 am, it will be shipped on the day.

After that, we apologize for the inconvenience, but we will deliver the delivery procedure the next business day.

ProceedingAbout order / custom -made

Delivery schedule for reservation orders and custom -made

① Check the order with our company (it has been over here)
② Import fabric and materials
⇨ About 10-14 days
③ The craftsman produces the product
⇨ About 10-14 days
④ The product is completed and delivered to the warehouse
⇨ About 1-2 days
⑤ Delivered to your home from the warehouse
⇨ About 1-2 days

It is a delivery schedule in about 4-5 weeks.

( * In some cases, there are also reservations for production at the factory, but basically the same schedule.)

Currently, I am really happy to have many people order while more than half of TOUTOU COCO products are produced in this reservation order.

However, we are sorry to have a reservation order and wait for the customer who is waiting for this period without doing anything.

Customers who ordered at Toutou Coco for the first timeI hope you can distribute the e -mail magazine irregularly from today. (It will also arrive to those who ordered the stock.)

Of course the distribution contentfreeBut you can cancel at any time.

However, if you are waiting for the product, the TOUTOU COCO, which will be distributed while you are waiting for the product, is the correct usage of clothes and items.

I would be glad if you could enjoy content that would help you make memories with your dog. I'm looking forward to seeing you again in the e -mail magazine.

Please wait for the arrival of the product for a while. Thank you for reading.