[Osaka edition] Luxurious luxury hotels that can be reached with your dog 3 recommended

I want to go to a hotel that shines on Instagram with my dog ​​...
I want to know the recommendation of a hotel that can be reached with my dog ​​in Osaka!
Anyway, if you bring your dog, I want to make it luxurious!

If you have such troubles and desires, please read this article. (You can read in 3 minutes)

hello. I'm Komada of TOUTOU COCO.

As you can see in the title today, "[Osaka edition] Luxury and luxury hotels are recommended with your dog", so please take a look at the end!

Three luxury hotels that can be reached with your dog in Osaka

To be honest, it was very difficult to choose three ... There are too many hotels I would like to recommend, so I will summarize the information for each extra edition and prefecture again!

Then I will announce it immediately.

      1. W Osaka Hotel
      2. Hyatt Regency Osaka
      3. Moxy Osaka Shin Umeda

Is a recommended luxury hotel that you can accompany you with your dog. (Not in order) Then we will introduce each hotel immediately.

Is over 50,000 per night? Luxury hotel w Osaka

Speaking of a hotel that looks good on the word luxury, it is a choice of W Osaka.

I will tell you first,It is no exaggeration to say that it is the lowest of the three hotels introduced today in the dog equipment.

You need to bring your dog's rice yourself. If you do not bring water, you have to drink water in the wash basin because there is no water for dogs. There is no dog run.

Although it is not so well -equipped in W Osaka, I also introduced it in the sense that you can experience a lot of luxury.

About the cost of w Osaka accompanying pets

People's accommodation fee ⇨ 26,000 yen ~
Accommodation fee up to 2 dogs ⇨ 1 Stay 1 stay 15,729 yen (tax included, cleaning fee) 2,530 yen (tax included)/head

In other words, even if you stay with two+2 animals, it costs about 45,000 yen ... high....

W Recommended points of Osaka Hotel

As I mentioned at the beginning, it's an overwhelming luxury feeling.

Speaking of pet hotels, it is a matter of course, but while there are many designs and facilities that prioritize dogs, it is a good contrarian about Osaka.

It is a specification that your dog can take you to a hotel for just people.

It is also recommended that access is good. When it comes to pet hotels, there are many places where you can leave the city and the city, but the w hotel is in a very good location called Shinsaibashi.

It is recommended for those who want to stay with their dogs while luxurious in the middle of Osaka!

By the way, the president of TOUTOU COCO was also staying at Osaka Hotel with his dog ↓

<< Pet companion is possible! I tried to infiltrate the luxury W hotel with a latte!

W Access of Osaka Hotel

  1. Address 542-0081OsakaPrefectureOsaka4-2 3rd Minami Funaba, Chuo -ku
  2. trafficaccess A 3 -minute walk from Exit 3 of Shinsaibashi Station on the Subway Midosuji Line
  3. There is a parking lot 76 units 5000 yen (tax / stay) On a first -come, first -served basis

A wedding plan? Hyatt Regency Osaka

There is also a room service menu for dogs, a seaside cosmo facing the sea around the hotel, and a walkway beside the 1km artificial canal "Sakushu Canal".

We also recommend a leisurely walk course while enjoying the scenery of the Osaka Nanko area with your dog.

A highly recommended hotel to focus on your dog, such as your dog's rice, a walk course for your dog, and a spacious roomis.

About the cost of Hyatt Regency Osaka

25,000 yen ~ (2 people per night 1 room)
Up to one small dog up to 10 kg per room

I'm glad that the accommodation charges include pet rates! It's really free ...

Recommended points for Hyatt Regency Osaka

The recommended points are roughly divided into three

  1. There are eight rooms accompanied by dogs
  2. There are dog room menus and places where you can take a walk
  3. There is a wedding course

is not it.

There are two types of rooms: deluxe room (40 square meters) and Rigen sea club premiere (80㎡).

A hotel with eight rooms is quite rare, and I think it is easy to make reservations except during the busy season.

Regarding amenities

Small dog beds, dog tableware, cage, toilet seats, cleaning supplies, feet towels“BOW WOW” Welcome Amenity

It seems that there is a room service (paid).

And the last is the wedding plan. It seems that there is also a ring dog plan for your dog. It's nothing but happiness that your dog brings a ring ...

The details are summarized below.

【plan contents】
・ Pre -counseling
・ Remote support on the day
・ Correspondence on the day of the wedding (5 and a half hours)
-Ringdogs, paws certificate production support
-Caating on the day of the wedding

[Optional fee]
55,000 yen (including consumption tax)
* Please contact us for details (submission of consent form, rabies and vaccination certificate of vaccination, preliminary guide to guests).
Hyatt Regency will be eligible for guests using wedding and receptions at Osaka.

[Reservation / inquiry]
06-6614-7808 (Wedding Sales 10: 00-19: 00 Moon, Tuesday holidays, holidays)

Hyatt Regency Access in Osaka

1-13-11 Minamihoku, Suminoe-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Approximately a 3 -minute walk from the Neutram Minato Port Town Line "Nakafuto" station
About 25 minutes by shuttle bus from JR Osaka Station
Telephone: 06 6612 1234 (Hotel representative)

Moxy full of playfulness Osaka Shin Umeda

And the last one is Moxy Osaka Shin Umeda. This is already a playful hotel.

In addition, it is the most recommended of the three that I introduced today because it will be near Fukushima Station, one station from Osaka Station or Umeda Station.

About the cost of Moxy Osaka Shin Umeda

11,000 yen ~ (2 people per night 1 room)
One per roomLimited dog less than 15 km

Moxy is really cheap ...! And the same as Hyatt, there is no separate pet charge.

Moxy Osaka Shin Umeda Recommended Point

In a nutshell, is it "cheap, close, playful"? W I don't have a budget as much as Osaka, but I want to go to a playful hotel.

It is highly recommended for those who say. Also, as I mentioned earlier, the access is so good that it is an advantage that you can go anywhere from Osaka Station if you go out a little.

Moxy Osaka Shin Umeda Access

7-22-1 Fukushima, Fukushima-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
About 5 minutes on foot from Fukushima Station on the JR Osaka Loop Line

There are still many hotels in Osaka that can be accompanied by pets ...!

So today I introduced a hotel that can be accompanied by pets in three Osaka.

To be honest, my recommendation is Hyatt Regency Osaka. It is best to take your budget and consider your dog.

W Osaka and Moxy are not bad, but is the facilities a little weak considering your dog? I think.

Also, if you go on a trip with your dog, I would like you to wear clothes that suit your dog and travel, or enjoy your trip with your owner.

Surely the fun will be doubled, and I think it will be a good memory.

<< See clothes that suit your dog.

Thank you for reading. See you soon.

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