Flower bell baby dress with a gorgeous impression


* This product will be ordered, and it will take time to deliver the fabric from overseas to produce and deliver products by craftsmen.

If you have a multi -headed (one owner + 2 dogs), it will automatically turn off 20 % off by putting this set and a single item in the cart together.♩

For a gorgeous impression with one piece

The fuwa beerbet dress with an elegant atmosphere will give you a gorgeous impression just by wearing one piece quickly.♪

I want to wear chic like an adult. 。 。 Based on the voice of such a woman, it was born as a "clothes that fulfills adult natural dresses".

I want to match with my dog ​​and take a walk

There is no doubt that the cuteness will be more than doubled by paired together with the usual casual outing and walking.

I would be glad if I could help me to create an irreplaceable experience through such clothes.♪

Exquisite combination of velvet and lace

I took a lot of time to select the material to convey a chic impression like an adult.

As a result of trouble, I chose a calm and gorgeous combination of velvet material that feels high -quality from beautiful gloss and elegant floral lace.♪

You can get a longing "silhouette beauty" with a beautiful clothes line

Silhouettes are very important to wear clothes like mature chic.

So, this "Flower Bell Betto dress" is designed to be a beautiful silhouette, no matter what angle of 360 degrees.♪

It has elasticity and the comfort is outstanding ◎

For dogs that move a lot, elastic clothes are a big burden.

So we are working on making clothes every day, with the same comfort of clothes as design.

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